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We were overwhelmed to see so many attendees! We hope that we met your expectations and wishes. Our intention was to share our experience to give you insights and new knowledge in the cyber security area when it comes to attack methods, detection and response strategies.

Thank you for attending TrueSec Cyber Security summit 2017

Watch the sessions again and again and again…

It is a challenge to keep concentration for two times seven hours of technical demos. But don’t worry, all sessions were recorded and the attendees have full access to watch them for another three months. Sweet, huh? Log in here.

Watch 10 hours of recorded sessions


Just can’t get enough?

Inspired, anxious or just out of resources? Several attendees had requests about the next step. The speakers are working as consultants and can assist your business in different areas. Read about our services in Penetration testing, Managed Detection with a SOC, and Phishing Risk Assessment.

Develop your technical skills further on

Some people have to practice new knowledge hand-on, to learn for real. Check out the practical IT security trainings that the speakers offers at LabCenter.

Hands-on trainings in IT security with security expert

We love questions – keep them coming!

The speakers were bombarded with important questions and some may rise after a while. If that’s the case, we want to buy you a Swedish “fika” and discuss it with you further. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you with a time-proposal.

Quesion? We'll buy you a swedish fika, you send an email to


Save the date!

Mark your calendar 16-17 October 2018 for next year’s security event.

To make sure we meet your expectations and wishes, we’ll go through the evaluation to be able to create an even better security event next year.

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