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March 11-12, 2020

An event featuring leading cybersecurity experts

Truesec share insights based on real-world experience, knowledge, and passion for IT security.
For those interested in today’s escalating cyber threats, techniques used by criminals, and how to secure your IT environments.


Expert insights

The best cyber security specialists in the industry presenting on stage. Sharing their extensive knowledge from recent IT attacks with you.


Based on real experience

We will reflect on true customer events and cyberattacks, we have worked with over the last year. All knowledge comes from firsthand experience of our expert teams.


Livestream & recorded

Connect to our livestream. Also, all attendees will get access to recordings after the event to watch again and again and again.


The sharpest brains and security experts in the IT industry.


Marcus Murray Speaker Truesec Event

Marcus Murray

Expert in Red Team exercises, Penetration Testing, Detect and Response, Threat Intelligence and Incident Handling. Founder of Truesec.

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Hasain Alshakarti Speaker Truesec Event

Hasain Alshakarti

Acknowledged security expert focusing on cybersecurity and identity. Helping customers understand and implement security measures.

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Fabio Viggiani Speaker Truesec Event

Fabio Viggiani

Technical lead of Truesec Security Team, with extensive experience in Red Team assignments as well as traditional penetration tests.

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Alexander Andersson

Cyber security expert working with red team engagements, penetration tests, and incident response.

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Mats Hultgren Speaker Truesec Event

Mats Hultgren

Mats is the Incident Manager of Truesec Group and a renowned trusted advisor within cybersecurity covering Protect, Detect & Respond.

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David Lilja Truesec Expert Speaker

David Lilja

Cyber Security Consultant and expert in Threat Hunting, Detection and Threat Intelligence.

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Davide Girardi Truesec expert speaker

Davide Girardi

Senior Cyber Security Consultant. He is experienced in attacking and defending complex network systems based on Windows, Linux, mainframes, OS X, and other Unix-based operating systems.

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Björnn Brolin Speaker Truesec Event

Björn Brolin

Björn Brolin VP Detection & Forensics expert. More information is published soon.

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Erik Wilhelmsson Truesec Speaker

Erik Wilhelmsson

Penetration tester with a passion for critical infrastructure, industrial control systems and in general breaking stuff.

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Markus Lassfolk speaker Truesec

Markus Lassfolk

Principal Technical Architect at Truesec. His focus is on building private, hybrid or public clouds in your datacenter, based on Microsoft infrastructure.

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Mikael Nyström Truesec Speaker

Mikael Nyström

Mikael is an industry-leading expert in Microsoft infrastructure and a multiple-award-winning Microsoft MVP since 2005 working at Truesec.

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Dr. Stefan Ivarsson Truesec Speaker

Stefan Ivarsson

Security Developer, working primarily on security health checks, analyzes and assisting customers to improve their IT security.

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Peter Löfgren Truesec Speaker

Peter Löfgren

Peter Löfgren, Senior Technical Architect, share his knowledge on how to help customers build and maintain production solutions for years to come.

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Anders Axhake

A Truesec Senior Consultant working with on-premises and cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure and Office 365, with focus on delivering secure solutions with high value for customers and end-users.

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Sebastian Olsson Truesec Speaker

Sebastian Olsson

Technical Director of Development, spending most of his time at work developing and auditing security critical code.

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Simon Binder Truesec Speaker

Simon Binder

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP and Principal Technical Architect, passionate about creating secure, productive and user centric workplaces based on Microsoft technology.

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Thomas Adolf Truesec Speaker

Thomas Andolf

Coder by day, and coder by night. Cyber Security Consultant at Truesec.

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Rasmus Grönlund Speaker Expert Truesec

Rasmus Grönlund

Security expert with a focus on penetration tests, redteaming, forensics and incident response in Microsoft based environments.

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Jesper Särnholm Addtech Speaker Truesec Event

Jesper Särnholm

Jesper, Head of IT at Addtech, will share his insights and experience from the massive cyberattack against Addtech in the fall of 2019.

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Two days. One company. Several critical scenarios stitched together from a digital world on fire.

As the threat landscape becomes more and more hostile, all aspects of an organization’s cyber resilience become critical. So where do we start? Follow us through a chain of events covering: Attack, Detect, Respond, Recover and Protect. All sessions and demos are based on true customer events and experience from real world cases.

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Date 12-13 March 2020


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