Stockholm or Livestream

October 9-10


With a few strokes of a keyboard, nation states, hacker organizations, organized crime and rough individuals can launch a cyber-attack from anywhere at any time, possibly disrupting and damaging your business.

This security summit is packed with essential and practical information. A chance for you to stay ahead of your game!


A scarlet thread throughout the event

We’ll present a holistic perspective on security from the latest attack methods, but foremost how to protect your data and IT environment.


For those of you working with IT security

Deepen your technical knowledge in the area of cyber security when it comes to Protect, Detect & Respond.


Leading security experts on stage

Ready to share their knowledge and experience from real customer cases.


Energy boost – every day

Breakfast, lunch, Swedish “fika”, fruit and coffee – everything is included in the price!


Livestream the event!

Can’t attend in Stockholm? No worries! Connect to our livestream & take part of all content presented on stage.


Monday After Work

We’ll round up the first day in the bar at Hotell Rival in Stockholm.


Daniel Ulrichs Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Daniel Ulrichs

An expert in Identity Management and Active Directory at TrueSec AB.

Davide Girardi Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Davide Girardi

Penetration tester and Senior Cyber Security Consultant at TrueSec.

Emil Kvarnhammar Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Emil Kvarnhammar

Application Security Specialist and CEO at TrueSec Syd.

Fabio Viggiani Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Fabio Viggiani

Penetration testing expert at TrueSec with broad experience from web hacking and secure web development.

Hasain Alshakarti Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Hasain Alshakarti

Trusted Cyber Security Advisor with focus on system security, networks and identity.

Kenneth Ljungqvist Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Kenneth Ljungqvist

Expert on advanced penetration tests and Security Health Checks.

Magnus Sjöberg Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Magnus Sjöberg

IT Security Expert and software developer at Säkerhetskontoret AB.

Marcus Murray

Marcus is the Security Team Manager at Truesec and expert in designing secure infrastructures and implementing security functions.

Mats Hultgren Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Mats Hultgren

Cyber Security Advisor at Addlevel.

Mårten Thomasson Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Mårten Thomasson

Speaker Mårten Thomasson is a Strategic Cyber Security Advisor and Security Specialist at Addlevel.

Peter Löfgren Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Peter Löfgren

Senior Executive Consultant and a true geek.

Richard Ulfvin Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Richard Ulfvin

Infrastructure Developer & Automatisation Strategist

Stefan Ivarsson Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Dr. Stefan Ivarsson

An expert in trying to break things apart, analyze and help customers improve their IT security.

Suresh Ramasuppo Speaker TrueSec

Suresh Ramasuppu

Experienced Cyber Security Specialist focused on Security Monitoring and Incident Response.

Why attend?

Get insight in­to today’s biggest IT security threats and defenses. Deepen your understanding of security issues regarding cloud services, web and applications and become a master of planning and executing smart IT security strategies built for next generation of IT. Throughout two full event days, you’ll meet industry specialists and exhibitors on site. Expand your professional network and build future relationships. Gain insight into:

  • checkToday’s greatest and most imminent IT security threats.
  • checkHow to integrate cloud services in a secure way.
  • checkAttacks on mobile platforms and how to secure them.
  • checkData breaches against cloud services.

Attend in Stockholm or from your favourite spot!


Hotell Rival, Stockholm

4 390 SEK


Broadcast online

2 990 SEK

Recorded sessions

All sessions are recorded and will be avaliable to all attendees to watch after the event as well.

Register today!


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