We’re fortunate to present some of the industry’s most sought after speakers in cyber security.

In a joint effort, they have put together an agenda to cover the entire Cyber Security area. They will share their knowledge and experience from actual customer cases.

Get to know the speakers below.

Daniel Ulrichs Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Daniel Ulrichs

Expert in Identity Management and Active Directory.

Daniel Ulrichs is a TrueSec consultant, speaker and appreciated trainer.

Due to his special focus on identity and privilege management with Active Directory and its security components, he has managed to perform scalable designs, domain hardening and protect privilage usage in advanced infrastructures. This enables him to dig deeper in technology and understand how stuff works – for real!

Daniel frequently shares his knowledge, check it out:


Davide Girardi Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Davide Girardi

Advanced penetration tester and Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Davide is passionate, appropriately evil penetration tester at Truesec. During his career, he has worked in infrastructure, network defense, penetration testing, vulnerability research and IT security training.

Davide’s main interests are advanced persistent attacks and vulnerability research. Davide loves to combine these passions to create new tools, finding ways around intrusion prevention systems and to help our customer identify and solve both known and new vulnerabilities.

Learn more about our speaker Davide Girardi:

Emil Kvarnhammar Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Emil Kvarnhammar

Application Security Specialist and CEO at TrueSec Syd.

Emil has been involved in several security-critical development projects, delivering application software used by millions of users on a regular basis.

In his research, Emil has found severe security vulnerabilities in Apple OS X. His current main focus areas are Application Security and Amazon AWS.

Disclosures and findings are published in Emil’s channels:



Fabio Viggiani Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Fabio Viggiani

Penetration testing expert with experience in secure web development.

Fabio’s main focus is conducting and leading advanced penetration tests simulating APT’s. Fabio has a unique capability when it comes to getting an overview of an entire target environment and identifying its vulnerabilities down to every detail.

He’s also conducting investigations and incident responses, giving him insight into both red team and blue team activities.

With his broad experience from penetration tests of banks, agencies and all sorts of enterprise customers around the globe, he frequently speaks at conferences and seminars.

Get to know Fabio even better on social media:



Hasain Alshakarti Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Hasain Alshakarti

Trusted Cyber Security Advisor with focus on system security, networks and identity

Hasain has deep experience from numerous design projects, audits, and advanced implementation projects and penetration systems testing. He’s one of few people who successfully combine expertise in application development and IT technology.

For his many achievements over the years, Hasain has been awarded recognition as “Sweden’s leading IT security expert” and Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Security multiple times.

Hasain shares his experience on social media, follow him:


Kenneth Ljungqvist Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit 2017

Kenneth Ljungqvist

An expert on advanced penetration tests and Security Health Checks.

With a background as a developer, Kenneth has a deep understanding of how all parts interact in a modern infrastructure and the challenges today’s developers are facing when the code must be secure.

Kenneth is passionate about developing proprietary scripts and tools for operations on Windows and Linux. His main strength is his deep technical knowledge combined with social ability.

Get to know Kenneth better, follow his social channels:



Magnus Sjöberg Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Magnus Sjöberg

IT Security Expert and software developer.

Magnus Sjöberg is an IT security professional, founder and CTO at Säkerhetskontoret AB. Working with both management and as a consultant within IT security, incident management and software developement.

He has 20 years of experience. In the year 2000, he started Secode AB, the first Nordic MSS company (today NTT Security), and has worked at Sweden’s Defense Agency’s information security department.

Find out more about Magnus:


Marcus Murray

Cyber Security Expert with focus on security threats and defence.

Speaker Marcus Murray is Team Manager of TrueSecs Security Expert Team. In addition to designing secure infrastructures and implementing security functions, he performs security assessments for a variety of clients, including banks, military organizations, and large corporations.

He is a frequent keynote speaker at security events, focusing on new security threats, vulnerabilities, awareness, and how to implement countermeasures that work in the real world.

Marcus share his knowledge in his blog, follow him:


Mats Hultgren Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Mats Hultgren

Cyber Security Advisor at Addlevel.

Mats is part of Addlevels Cyber Security Advisors Team. He focuses on audits, security strategies and how to adopt ITSM as a part of process oriented security.

He has 20 years of experience working with enterprise environments as a technician, solutions architect and strategist. With his background he is one of Sweden’s most experienced experts in secure governance, strategical security and incident management.

Mats is an appreciated speaker on topics such as information security, IT management and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Mats share his knowledge in social media. Follow him:



Mårten Thomasson Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Mårten Thomasson

Strategic Cyber Security Advisor, Security Specialist at Addlevel.

Mårten is one of Sweden’s foremost experts in Information Security, with assignments ranging from security design and architecture to the implementation of strategic security frameworks, as well as security assessments and requirements.

He specializes in advanced security implementations such as PKI and smart card solutions in banking and finance and government and acts as security advisors for companies and management teams. He is also a highly valued incident leader in information security incidents.

Mårten offers lectures in information security and the EU’s forthcoming data protection regulation.

Mårten is very active in social media, follow him:



Peter Löfgren Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Peter Löfgren

Senior Executive Consultant and a true geek

As part of TrueSec Datacenter & Cloud team, Peter assists customers in Europe and the United States. He primarily works with building modern client platforms and data centers based on Windows 10, System Center, and Windows Server.

When he isn’t assisting clients with building solutions, Peter shares his experiences in his blog and runs trainings in client management.

Peter shares his knowledge in his social media, check it out:


Richard Ulfvin Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Richard Ulfvin

Infrastructure Developer & Automatisation Strategist

Richard is one of the founders and CTO of Addlevel, a company in the Wintel Group.

He is a consultant, tutor, technical lead and a speaker. Some of his passion is in software development and how modern application architecture work with cloud computing. As a CTO, his daily work involves keeping up with technical trends and loves to experiment with innovative technology.

Get to know more about him, check out his social media:


Stefan Ivarsson Speaker TrueSec Cyber Security Summit

Dr. Stefan Ivarsson

Security Developer and programming professional.

Employed as a security consultant at TrueSec, Stefan works primarily with trying to break things apart, analyze and help customers improves their security.

The analyses often include security tests, code review and consultation. Stefan enjoys development of security scripts and tools both for work and recreational purposes.

If you want to learn more about Stefan, check out:



Suresh Ramasuppo Speaker TrueSec

Suresh Ramasuppu

Experienced Cyber Security Specialist focused on Security Monitoring and Incident Response.

Suresh has more than 15 years of working in the information and IT security industry.

He has extensive knowledge of cyber security risks and how to manage them but his special passion is to help organizations to become better at detecting and responding to cyber attacks.

Suresh has for the last 6 years been working in the Swedish Police IT Security Section where has held a key role in the Computer Emergency Response Team. He has a proven track record of building and managing security monitoring capabilities and incident response operations.

Learn even more about Suresh, connect on:


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